St Alban's currently worships on Sundays at 10am at Wellesley College in Days Bay. This is because the church and the hall buildings have been assessed as earthquake prone, well below 33% of the New Building Standard. Wellesley College has welcomed us with open arms, and we all look forward to new opportunities to strengthen our links between parish and school.

Even though our place of worship has changed, there is still plenty going on within and beyond the St Alban's faith community, with a number of ministries aimed at outreach and community engagement.

We welcome visitors and would love you to come and share in worship with us at Wellesley College on Sunday mornings at 10am, followed by morning tea.

These words from our blessing on Sunday 21 August 2016 seem particularly pertinent for this time of transition we find ourselves in:

 May the God of life be our focus on the horizon when the way is not clear.

May Jesus the Son of God be our companion and guide.

May God's Holy Spirit be the wind that blows through our hearts and minds.


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